Expense Reduction Advisors began in 2008 with the intent to educate and assist businesses of all sizes in reducing their utility, telecom and trash costs by uncovering billing errors and overcharges that are often found in many utility bills. Since our beginning ERA has grown to become a recognized leader in the industry. Today our primary focus is Senior and Assisted Living Communities, Golf and Country Clubs, and Condominium Communities all across the US. We attribute our success to our attention to detail, industry knowledge, listening to our clients, and always doing what’s right for the customer.

What sets Expense Reduction Advisors apart from other utility auditing firms?

  • As former utility company employees we know what to look for, and who to speak with in the utility company in the industry language that they understand. We can bypass the bureaucracy.
  • We understand the tariffs, riders, exemptions, statutes, etc…
  • All audits are performed by our in house team, unlike many audit firms where all the customer ever sees is the sales re who in turn ships your bills to a 3rd party audit firm in some other state.
  • Utility, Telecom and Trash audits is all we do.
  • Attention to detail, our audit team audit everything right down to the smallest detail.


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