Assisted Living Facility Receives Over $25,000 in Refunds

A Senior Living Facility was refunded over $25,000 from the utility companies for incorrect charges.  In addition to this, ERA switched them to a new rate plan for their electric and found an alternate supplier for natural gas.   On top of the original refund of $25,000, ERA was able to achieve an annual savings of approximately $15,000 for the facility.

Small Church is Refunded Over $5,000

A small church was refunded over $5,000 from two utility companies for incorrect charges and wrong rates plans.  By correcting these errors the Church is saving 35% annually on thier utilities. Which is a monthly savings of approximately $ 500.

Private College Saves $12,000 Annually

ERA was able to reduce propane charges by about $12,000 per year for a private college.

Large Real Estate Firm Saves 50% in Telecom Costs

A high end international residential/commercial real estate brokerage is enjoying over a 50% reduction in telecom costs after ERA was able to consolidate lines and bring in a telecom provider that could reduce their costs per call.

Religious Organization Gets $17,000 Credit

A religious organization was credited over $17,000 by the utility and phone companies for incorrect charges.  ERA found numerous monthly telecom charges that were incorrect and unauthorized.  ERA worked with current phone provider to optimize thier voice plans.  In addition to this, ERA brought in a data provider who doubled the size of the bandwidth needed at 1/3 of the cost they were paying.  This client is enjoying a total annual savings of approximately$20,000.


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