Utility company rate structures are fairly complicated, which can lead to potential errors. Hidden costs, charges for non-existing services, and complex billing codes could be increasing your monthly utility bill every month. Utility bills are one of the largest operating expenses for a business and can have a significant impact on a company’s profitability. Yet most businesses have little to no verification process before these bills get paid. What we hear from our clients “If the bill looks right or if the amount fits within our expectations, we pay it”. This leaves companies exposed to possible long term incorrect payment histories. A $5.00 a day billing error is a $9,000.00 mistake after 5 years.

With our expertise in utility auditing, we can audit utility bills for any company in any state. Our audit procedure of your company invoices will verify:


  • Invoice Accuracy
  • Incorrect meter readings
  • Faulty meters
  • Redundant billing charges
  • Evaluation of line charges
  • Usage charges
  • Surcharges, taxes & tariffs applied properly
  • Consumption review
  • Demand reading errors
  • Ratchet Charge

The list above represents just a few of the most common types of utility billing errors. We will help secure any over payments and reduce future charges.


Arguably, no other major area of today’s business environment has experienced such a revolution in technology, quality of service, pricing, contractual arrangements, and equipment, both on a network and client level, as telecommunications. While most organizations have trained personnel or entire departments to deal with this area of their business, their attention is generally focused on operational concerns and “problems”. Typically there is limited time to consider how cost containment is coupled with technology and service.

ERA’s telecom audit and service analysis includes a comprehensive, accurate study of each client’s telecommunications services that are currently in place. Services reviewed include:

  • Local and Long Distance
  • 800/toll free
  • Cellular
  • Data and Internet
  • The validation of telecommunication charges
  • Recovery of funds where they may be due
  • Proper sizing of telecommunication services to meet clients’ internal and customer needs
  • Utilization of new technologies
  • Assurance of the best terms and pricing
  • Coordinate implementation of recommendations
  • First month audit after implementation to ensure the recommendations have been implemented properly and are reflected in the bills.


Whether you’re managing a single business or several, our cost reduction audit helps you find savings on waste removal services:

Solid Waste (Trash)

Regular waste removal service is essential to maintaining a sanitary and safe operation, but it’s important to not overpay for this service. Our waste removal cost reduction analysts conduct a waste removal audit and find opportunities for savings on this ongoing expense.


Recycling is a relatively sustainable and environmentally-conscious method of waste disposal, but the monthly service expenses can be costly. A waste removal audit helps you identify and correct overspending on recycling service.

Medical Waste

ERA’s cost reduction analysts identify where you’re overpaying for medical waste disposal and work with your vendor to implement savings.

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Our utility, telecom and trash bill audit and service analysis includes a comprehensive, accurate study of each client’s services that are currently in place.

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