80% of utility bills contain errors.


ERA has a 90% success rate in finding errors that create savings, refunds, or both!


ERA’s auditing team has recovered over $350,000,000. In refunds and savings for our clients

Our Mission

It is our mission to increase your company’s profits by reducing your utility expenses!

How We Work

We are performance based if we don’t find errors that create savings, we don’t get paid!   Any verifiable savings we find as an outcome of  our audit we share a portion of those savings creating a win/win.  Getting started with us is EASY and requires very little time and effort from you and your team.

Experience-Based Utility Bill Auditing Service

Our team of reliable utility bill auditors has more than 50 years of experience in the utility industry, some of whom were former utility company employees. We understand the statutes, ordinances, tariffs as well as all the factors used in calculating your utility bills. With our team’s close attention to detail, you can trust us to ensure everything is right, down to the smallest detail.

Get in Touch With Us

For more information about auditing services, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.